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How to Create An Eclectic Decor That Doesn't Look Like Someone Threw Up

ec·lec·tic: deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

Wow, eclectic decor is the most freeing decor style, in my opinion.  If you are a thrifter, it can be fun and almost magical like to discover design and color elements for your interior.  The trick is to add color and design in artful ways that compliment each other and don't dispense a feeling of chaos.

So how do you create an eclectic design decor that doesn't end up looking like someone threw up in the room?  Turns out there are a few tricks.

1.  Use black and white patterns to stabilize vibrant colors

yellow and black eclectic living room
Black and Yellow Eclectic Living Room

black and white with color eclectic living room
Vibrant Eclectic Living Room 

eclectic entrance
Vibrant Eclectic Entrance Way

2. Use the color wheel to create themes

The Monochromatic Theme

The monochromatic color theme makes use of one color in various hues, tones, and patterns to create an aesthetically pleasing design.

bronze and beige living room
Bronze and Beige Monochromatic Living Room

turquoise living room
Turquoise Monochromatic Living Room

purple bedroom
Purple Monochromatic Bedroom
The Analogous Theme

The Analogous theme takes 2 - 6 colors that sit side by side on the color wheel and uses them throughout an interior design

purple pink and blue analogous room
Purple Pink and Blue Analogous Room

analogous space
Vibrant Analogous Space

3 color analogous hallway
Three Color Analogous Hallway

The Complementary Theme

The Complementary theme utilizes 2 colors on the color wheel directly opposite of each other to create high color contrast. 

eclectic dining room with complementary colors
Eclectic Dining Room Using Complementary Chair Colors

Purple and Gold Complementary Theme
Purple and Gold Complementary Theme

Pink and Green Complementary Theme
Pink and Green Complementary Theme

 The Triad Theme

 The Triad theme puts 3 colors together in such a way as to make a triangle on the color wheel.

3.  Make the space fun and functional with things you use and love

As an avid reader and writer (check out my book) I just might implement that last idea.  Have fun eclecting! (P.S. I made that word up)


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